What People Say About Me


"I highly recommend Angela Bryant for your Family Law needs. This year I went through the very painful and complex dissolution of my marriage of 8 years. Angela Bryant was one of my 2 main attorneys for the legal proceedings and she provided me with invaluable support during one of the biggest crises of my life. In addition to her deep knowledge of California Family Law, Angela's other strongest asset is her strong advocacy of your cause and her positive attitude. In my case, I was the victim of marriage fraud and Angela always kept me feeling positive about my case even though there was a daunting "burden of proof" hurdle in front of me. She is definitely a "half-glass-full" type of attorney which I found of great comfort as there are so many times where you want to just give up and not bother to seek the justice you deserve. Angela always made me feel that I had every right to seek that justice despite the difficulties it might present and she worked hard to help me present my side of things to the Court. In the end, I received a settlement agreement that saved my home and the bulk of my assets and, by all objective standards, was a "winning" result for myself. I don't wish what I endured on anyone (well maybe one person), but if you ever find yourself in the same position as I was in, you would be doing a wise thing giving Angela a call."

Daryan G.


"Attorney Angela Bryant has been with me through all of the craziness of my divorce and custody case (going on 3+ years now). She has managed to keep me grounded, while at the same time educating me on the family court system, which is no easy task when you are dealing with such emotional situations . . .

Call Angela to schedule an informational interview, you won't regret it."

- Elisia C.

"Thank You Angela for Validating my case and the past issues that I had with my divorce experience within the family law dynamic. You were the first, and only lawyer from my experience, You gave me my voice back."

- A Client


"Angela was my lawyer in a domestic violence restraining order case. I called several lawyers in the Bay Area while looking for a good fit, and Angela by far made the best impression on me. The first time we spoke on the phone, we spoke for quite a while at no charge. She went through how she would handle the case and I was impressed with her strategy. It was evident that she really cared about my situation, as was not out to just make money. She even gave me the name of another lawyer that did sliding scale work in case I needed a lower-cost option. In the end, I went with Angela, and I am so glad that I did! She was always on top of things, has a very solid knowledge of family law, was always prompt, and always had a solid strategy for how to move forward. During the entire case, the opposing counsel was trying everything possible to make the process harder for me, and frequently dragged their feet on things that needed to get done in the case. Angela took over several tasks that really should have been the responsibility of the opposing counsel because she wanted the best outcome possible. She did not even charge me for these things, which was very generous.
In the end, Angela was simply a much better lawyer than the opposing counsel and was able to negotiate a settlement, which saved me a lot of money. Everything that I wanted Angela was able to get for me, including a long-term restraining order and required anger management for the respondent. Angela was even able to get a significant part of my lawyers fees paid for by the opposing side. I could not have gotten nearly as much without her.
This was an extremely difficult situation for me to deal with, but Angela made me feel like there was someone on my side. If you are looking for a family lawyer, you will be hard pressed to find someone better than Angela."

- Susan H.